Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H from WWE 2012


This was a No Holds Barred match.

Brock returned to the WWE in 2012. He was immediately booked to lose to John Cena (in what ended up being a GREAT match), and it was unclear how WWE would try to salvage their major investment in the former UFC world champion. Their apparent solution was for him to do a three-match program with HHH. Why??????

On top of that foolishness, these two worked their first match in an absurd fashion. The John Cena Extreme Rules match proved that the key to Brock’s success as a wrestler was going to be based on him coming off like a complete fucking badass who just murders fools endlessly. Naturally, this match started with HHH firing through Brock a bit. Brock did get control of course, but he worked HHH over by relentlessly targeting the arm of HHH to set up the kimura. I love targeted limb work as much as the next person, but that is the stupidest thing to do with Brock Lesnar.

Things looked hopeless for HHH, but he then managed to fluke-ishly send Brock into a table. This caused Brock to have stomach issues because of his diverticulitis! Twist!

HHH fought back for a bit and seemed to have a chance. Brock then had to give him a low blow because Brock just can’t destroy a semi-retired wrestler cleanly for whatever fucking reason. Brock fought back this time and then successfully made HHH tap out to the kimura. This was a dumb match, but I stand by it not being completely awful. Some stuff worked and a few moments really got over. It was however a complete miscalculation. (**)

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