Low Ki vs. Jon Davis from Evolve 2012

Low Ki had a rather notorious WWN run in 2012. He legit knocked out his first opponent, and then the company bragged about it as if it was a good thing. He then had a series of matches with BedxBreakfast Hulk, Bobby Fish, Pac, Generico, and Jigsaw that were pretty much universally regarded as a mixed bag at best. He looked and worked like he did not take his opponents seriously. He was overly methodical a lot of the time. Between all of that and his poor reputation, the question that plague Low Ki’s career reared its head again: is Low Ki more trouble than he is worth?

His run came to an (unscheduled) end in this match, but he at least decided to remind everyone why he might genuinely be the most talented junior wrestler ever. He treated Jon Davis like a respected threat. He worked his ass off the whole time. He won, but he won in a manner that made his opponent more over for surviving and looking competitive in the match. This was Low Ki, best wrestler in the world.

For the last ten plus years, Low Ki has been the most frustrating wrestler still going. At any given moment, he can decide he’s going to be the best wrestler in the world. He simply covers that side of him up 99% of the time. All we can do I guess is to be grateful matches like this existed which motivated him to unleash it. (****)

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