Kalamity vs. LuFisto from WrestleReunion 2012


Originally reviewed here.

Toronto, Ontario
April 14, 2012

Kalamity (c) vs. LuFisto [NCW Femmes Fatales International Championship]

I think this is my first LuFisto match.

LuFisto was in control early on. She applied a very weak-looking ankle lock. For all I know, that’s how you really apply an ankle lock. Looked weak regardless. Kalamity cut her off and then worked her over. LuFisto made a comeback after a buckle Downward Spiral. Kalamity cut her off again in a surprise development. They went back and forth. They are working very hard to put on the best match possible. Of that, there can be no doubt. Jeezus, they started kicking each other in the face over and over. Eventually, LuFisto missed a dive, and Kalamity then finished her with a 2K1 Bomb.

This match is probably even better than I’m giving it credit for. I found it impossible to get invested in LuFisto in the slightest, as she had very go-away babyface mannerisms. There’s no doubt though that she and Kalamity worked hard.

Match Rating: **3/4


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