Fit Finlay vs. Harry Smith from WrestleReunion 2012


Originally reviewed here.

Toronto, Ontario
April 14, 2012

Let’s see if they can redeem themselves after their horrendous ECW match three years earlier. Apter and Dreamer mentioned that they had been working each other on the indies in recent months. Hopefully that means this will be good.

In a surprise move, Finlay did some shenanigans with a short woman early on. He acted like she was Hornswoggle. The match got going. They stayed on the mat early on. Finlay had to be a bit of a dick to get control. He worked Harry’s back over for a while. Harry blocked a diving fist drop and then made a comeback. Finlay avoided the sharpshooter but then walked into a running powerslam: 1…2…3

The effort was here, but they never grabbed me. Finlay matches seemed to be either awesome or boring during his indie run.

Match Rating: **1/2


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