CW Anderson & Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno from WrestleReunion 2012


Originally reviewed here.

Toronto, Ontario
April 14, 2012

CW Anderson & Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rhyno

Raven obviously did not want to work. I have really not seen much of CW, but I’ve heard good things. I think? Maybe not. Rhyno still works hard in most situations at least. Dreamer got cut off eventually and worked over. They’re working it like a normal tag match by the way despite it being billed as an “Extreme Rules” match. I’m sure the plunder will be here soon enough. “ECW was built by the four men you see right now.” Yes, Rhyno and CW Anderson built ECW. Raven walked out. Dreamer brought him back. The main commentator partner of Apter waited until the main event to correct Apter’s pronunciation of his own last name. Bill Apter is some great unintentional comedy. This match is dead by the way. They did in fact get…EXTREME~! Plunder is very extreme. Dreamer eventually put Anderson through a table with a DVD.

Raven was mad at CW for losing. CW gave him a superkick. In an incredibly meta moment after that, Raven hung around in the ring for way too long.

This was everything wrong with ECW nostalgia matches. This did not capture the spirit of ECW in the slightest.

Match Rating: DUD

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