The Rock vs. John Cena from WWE 2012

This was a really weird match. It was Rock’s first singles match since 2003 so there was no real way of predicting how well he would do. He would obviously be in great cosmetic shape, and he had proven about six months earlier to be able to hit his signature spots in a tag bout. A singles main event in Wrestlemania was an entirely different animal though, and The Rock did not prove up to the task.

The first five minutes or so had great energy. Then they went twenty-five minutes more without doing anything all that fun. There was an extended bearhug sequence. They sat in finishing submissions for a while. They busted out the finisher kickouts halfway through. Then they just kept going and going and going and going. And then they kept going some more.

It all culminated in this anti-climatic sequence where Cena condescendingly went for the People’s Elbow only to have Rock sloppily catch him with the Rock Bottom to pick up the win. This match was missing passion, energy, intensity, and suspense for much of the 30-minute run time. As a result, there’s no value in watching this match now. John Cena has literally had better PPV main events with The Great Khali. (*1/2)


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