Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan from CZW 2011

Originally reviewed here.

CZW Night of Infamy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 12, 2011

Adam Cole(c) vs. Sami Callihan [CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship]

This was an interesting match that actually benefited from the ridiculous overbooking employed towards the end. The advantage to having chickenshit heel champ that has countless title matches tainted during his or her reign with terrible booking is that the inevitable title change greatly benefits from it. Is that worth all the bullshit required to get there? I don’t think so (at least not in modern times), but the payoff is fun to watch all the same. All of Cole’s heel tactics were used again here, and Sami eventually overcoming them added a ton of heat to the match. This worked out great, and it ended up being my favorite match of the set by far. Sami tapping Cole out felt like an important moment, which is something CZW struggles to do. Kudos. (***3/4)


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