Adam Cole vs. Pinkie Sanchez from CZW 2011

Originally reviewed here.

CZW Twelve
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 2, 2011

Adam Cole vs. Pinkie Sanchez

This was a very Adam Cole match from this time period. He was very over the top with his character, and Mia Yim was a huge part of his act and kayfabe success in the ring. This was a side of Adam Cole that I missed out on at the time because I only really knew him from ROH where he was working as a white-bread babyface. The comparison between those two characters exhibits the problem with Adam Cole. He is a natural heel in terms of character, but his work is so much better when he’s working babyface. In fact, I would say his inability to combine the quality of his ring work as a babyface with his heel personality is what caused me to lose interest in him during main event pushes in ROH and PWG. Cole eventually won after Pinkie distracted himself by going after Mia only for Mia to give him a low blow. This was fine, but Pinkie was so much more entertaining here that it made Cole look bad in comparison. (**3/4)


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