Peligro Abejas (El Generico & Paul London) vs. The Kings Of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) from PWG 2010


This was for Peligro Abejas’ PWG World Tag Team Championship.

This was very much a PWG match with all the good and negative connotations that come with that description.

The first half of the match was totally obligatory. Generico got worked over a bit. London got worked over a bit. None of it really meant anything.

Then Generico and London started to come back, and it led to an absolutely wild closing sequence. The Kings were desperately trying to maintain control of the match. The Danger Bees clawed and clawed until they managed to snatch victory from the clutches of defeat.

It was SO much fun. The match was also compact enough that the slow/meaningless first half did not really drag the match down all that much. (***3/4)


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