Adam Cole vs. Sabian from CZW 2010

Originally reviewed here.

CZW Walking on Pins and Needles
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 13, 2010

Adam Cole vs. Sabian(c) [CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship]

This was the first match on the set to have a bit more going on beyond fast-paced action that has little-to-no meaning. Sabian was playing the veteran role with Cole playing the part of the spunky young boy. While Cole does a fine job in that role, Sabian is not much of a performer. I have never really understood the appeal of Sabian unless he’s just an undercard tag wrestler. He was not terrible here by any means; he just did not do anything to make Cole look good which should have been the goal of the match. Just as Cole was setting up for his finisher, the time limit expired. A fine effort, but it did not do much for me. I’m sensing a theme for this DVD. (**1/4)


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