AJ Styles vs. Delirious from IWC 2009


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AJ Styles vs. Delirious (w/ Daizee Haze)
AJ and Delirious went back and forth on the microphone before the match. It was surprisingly amusing. Delirious mocked him in regards to Christopher Daniels who was challenging AJ for the TNA title next weekend on PPV.

AJ was mostly in control early on. Delirious came back and got control. AJ avoided Shadows Over Hell and hit a DVD neckbreaker. AJ was then in control. They avoided each other’s finishers. They traded pinning combinations. AJ kicked out of Chemical Imbalance II. AJ came back with a Pele and the Styles Clash: 1…2…3

This was more fun than I expected. Delirious could have done well in TNA, but he would have become overexposed in due course. I don’t think his character was designed to stick around too long in any one place.
Match Rating: ***


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