John Cena vs. Chris Jericho from WWE 2008

December 14, 2008

This was for Cena’s World Heavyweight Championship.

Originally reviewed here.

Chris Jericho’s two (yes, two!) world title reigns in the autumn of 2008 combine to form the definition of a transitional reign. They did not want the belt on CM Punk, and they knew Cena was coming back. Insert Jericho. Thus, the idea of Jericho getting an immediate rematch after dropping the belt at Survivor Series just seemed very uninspired and very WWE. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise at least that this match ended up being as fun it wound up being.

Jericho took most of the match and loosely targeted Cena’s injured neck. Cena did not look all that comfortable during his comeback, and he seemed to be working with a lot less personality and natural movement. (My unfounded speculation would be that Cena was a little off coming back from the neck surgery, but I remember no information from that period that would back that up.)  It was odd for sure. I do not remember a lot of matches from 2006 onwards where that was the case. Regardless, they did some fun reversals and sequences down the stretch to ensure that this one turned out quite fun. This came off like a fun television match which is fine for the spot it was in. (***1/2)


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