Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore vs. John Morrison & The Miz from WWE 2007


This was a fifteen-minute iron team match for Miz & Morrison’s WWE Tag Team Championship.

My gawd. What a match. What a feud. What a television program. What a time to be alive this was for ECW fanatics like myself.

Jimmy Wang and Shannon Moore were the makeshift team from heaven and clearly one of the best teams in ECW history. They epitomized teamwork, urgency, well-paced matches, and incorporating high spots effectively into their work. They were the ideal cruiserweight tag team in a lot of ways for ECW, and they were a huge part of ECW finally gaining a reputation for good wrestling.

They were on absolute fire here, as they desperately tried to get the tag straps away from Miz & Morrison. They were flying all over the place. Every move conveyed desire and desperation for them belts.

Miz and Morrison were becoming a great team around this time and were certainly not slacking in the ring. Their identity was tied to their belts, and they worked as if they had to absolutely cling onto them.

The tone. The energy. The action. The fun. GREAT TAG TEAM WRESTLING! (****)


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