AJ Styles vs. Johnny Gargano from 2007


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AJ Styles vs. Johnny Gargano (w/ Aaron McGuire)
AJ was in control early on. He hit a pescado. AJ had to hold off on a springboard because of bad referee positioning. Gargano cut AJ off with a superkick and then worked him over. AJ made a comeback after a double clothesline spot. Gargano blocked the moonsault reverse DDT, but AJ came right back. Ref bump. Marion Fontaine ran in and attacked Styles. Someone came out to run off Fontaine. Joe Dombrowski never identified the person. I’m guessing it was Josh Prohibition, but maybe it was Starless! Pele Kick/Styles Clash: 1…2…3

This was okay. Gargano was about four years away from looking comfortable in the ring. Much like the Shiima match, Gargano was not really ready for this one.
Match Rating: **1/4


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