Super Dragon & Davey Richards vs. Roderick Strong & PAC from PWG 2007


May 19, 2007
Burbank, California

Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament First Round Match

Originally reviewed here.

Davey and Dragon haven’t teamed apparently since the middle of 2006 when they lost the tag titles.

The crowd really disliked Dragon and Davey. After some back and forth action, Davey got cut off and was worked over for a while. Davey finally cut off PAC with a gourdbuster on the ropes. Dragon tagged in, and PAC was then worked over. This went on for a long time. PAC eventually hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Davey. Roddy tagged in and made a comeback. PAC got involved right away which killed the beatdown he just received. PAC seemed loopy after some bad bumps on his head. The teams were going back and forth. I wouldn’t say the match fell apart exactly, but this is where they lost me for a bit. They did a “hit all the movez until they all collapse” sequence. More back and forth action. Davey ate a super ‘rana, a gutbuster, and a shooting star press while he was standing. Ouch on that last one. This is going on too long. Roddy took out Dragon with a pescado. Davey called for the DR Driver, but PAC reversed it into a small package: 1…2…3

Davey and Dragon seemed to split up after the match. They were not happy with each other.

This match just went too damn long when push comes to shove. They did some really cool things down the stretch, but I did not find the whole package to be very satisfying. It felt long for the sake of going long.
Match Rating: **3/4


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