Batista vs. The Undertaker from WWE 2007

This was for The Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship.

This was a crazy fucking sprint from two guys who proved a lot of doubters wrong on this night.

Dave set the tone right away by spearing Taker out of his boots. Dave was relentless from the start, and it forced Taker out of his comfort zone.

From there, Taker had to up his pace in order to make sure he did not fall too far behind in the match. This period of Taker offense culminated in the no-hands dive over the top rope.

The tone and pace were established perfectly early on and then that allowed them to get down to the real business of the night. These two needed to finish each other and quickly.

If they did not throw out as much offense as quickly as possible, there was a good chance they would go down first. This led to a very well executed finisher kickout/trading sequence that ended with Taker putting Dave away with the tombstone.

This was one of the very best world title matches in Wrestlemania history and one of the best matches of either man’s career. (It was also easily the best world title match on this particular show.) (****1/2)


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