Test vs. Bobby Lashley from WWE 2007

This was for Blaster’s ECW Championship.

This was not good, but it was not as terrible as you might have expected. The match even had a shot of being good which was frankly not something you could have reasonably predicted from the onset.

It’s just that the opening minutes were filled with extremely awkward brawling that set a bad tone for the whole thing. When you’re not going that long, it’s hard to recover from something like that.

The match from there got much more competent at least. Test went after the left arm of Blaster. It led to this great spot where Bobby started to make his comeback but a foolish Gorilla Press attempt caused Bobby’s worked over arm to collapse.

Test had his last shot to win, and he connected on a big boot. Bobby fought right back though and this time never used his worked over arm. Test, sensing defeat, opted to lose via countout. Blah.

There’s no real reason to defend this match because it was largely a failure. Between this and the Dave/Kennedy match that followed, it’s clear that the agents had a boner for limb-selling at the time though. That makes it probably at least somewhat more interesting than the proceeding star rating implies. (**)


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