Batista vs. Mr. Kennedy from WWE 2007

This match was for Dave’s World Heavyweight Championship.

This will go down as one of the most shockingly good WWE matches in the history of the company.

First off, you have Mr. fucking Kennedy. Yes, he suck. He did honestly seem like a hard-worker though who viewed wrestling with a unique perspective and all that (remember him falling backwards to make running the ropes look more realistic?!?!?). However, he was mostly just very awkward and terrible for the majority of his career (he’s not still working, is he?)

For those who do not remember, Big Dave looked ROUGH from 2006 until Wrestlemania 2007. He and Booker T absolutely rode the struggle bus in their feud, and it seemed like the time of Big Dave producing fun stuff might be genuinely over. It was a logical conclusion to make as well given that he was an older gentleman coming off a torn quad.

Enter this match. What a gem.

Dave tried to overwhelm him early on. That led to them being on the floor where Kennedy managed to force Dave to crash his surgically repaired leg into the ring steps. Kennedy from there relentlessly and ruthlessly targeted the injured leg of Dave.

Dave could not get anything going as a result. He realized he needed to get out of this match quickly otherwise Kennedy would likely leave with his belt. Dave summoned all of his strength to bust out a Big Dave Bomb and then crawled over to make the cover.

GREAT match. Between THESE TWO! WHAT THE FUCK! (****)


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