Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle from TNA 2006


This was exceptionally weird.

Joe destroyed Angle for a while. Angle was a bloody mess. It looked like Joe win this one in a cake walk. Then Angle kicked out of the Muscle Buster. Hit an Angle Slam. He went for the ankle lock twice and won with the second attempt. He celebrated like he won the Wrestlemania main event.

They really needed to sell the idea that Angle was lucky to escape with his life let alone the victory. Kurt was absolutely destroyed. The fact that he won cleanly was not so much an issue as it was that his victory was presented and sold as if he won a 50/50 battle. A fluke submission victory would have been a far better direction to go in if they really wanted to Angle to win here.

This was still very entertaining, but the story was too odd to call it great. (***3/4)


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