Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness from Ring of Honor 2006


This was a 2/3 falls match for Bryan’s ROH World Championship.

Wait, wait, wait, a sixty-minute match that was not terrible?????? What was this devilry?

Of all the over-long Bryan Danielson ROH title defenses, this was by far the best one and the only one you can justify seeking out still.

The first half of the match was Bryan working the headlock. This was actually pretty entertaining. Not Claudio headlock match in PWG entertaining, but entertaining all the same. That eventually led to Bryan winning a fall with a small package.

Nigel’s was able to make up some ground by going for the arm throughout the course of the match. That paid off in the second fall when he won with a submission on that arm. Things were going pretty well for the match at this point.

The third fall was where things went south. They did not really have a satisfying payoff to anything that happened in the first two thirds of the match.

The final ten minutes though were pretty fun as Nigel desperately fought to win the belt in what would be his final chance with Bryan as champ. He nearly had Bryan finished, but the time limit expired to save the belt for Bryan.

This was actually just fun and satisfying enough to give a light recommendation. (***)


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