AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage from IWC 2006


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There were two rings. They did a dance off and Rock, Paper, Scissors, to decide which ring they would use. AJ won.

AJ got the initial advantage. When Christian rolled to the other ring, AJ hit him with a springboard forearm from one ring to the other. He also hit a pescado. Christian obviously cut him off eventually and then worked him over. AJ made a comeback. They started going back and forth after a bit of that. A ref bump prevented AJ from winning after hitting the Styles Clash. Christian won shortly after that with the Killswitch.

This felt like an amalgamation of an indie style match and a TV style match. They played to the crowd as if they were on the indies, but they kept the match simple and easy to follow as if they were on television. It was perfectly fine. The fact that TNA never did a feud between these two is baffling in retrospect.
Match Rating: ***


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