AJ Styles vs. Steve Corino vs. Abyss vs. Doug Williams from 1PW 2006


This was a DOUBLE JEOPARDY match for Corino’s 1PW Heavyweight Championship.

This was dumb and very unsatisfying. Double Jeopardy matches are tough to pull off mind you, but this was just worked in a manner that made it nearly impossible for it to be satisfying. Doug got the only good elimination, as he was pinned after Abyss chokeslammed AJ onto him. From there, Abyss got disqualified, and then Corino pinned AJ with a fruit roll-up. Nothing in the match was nearly exciting enough to make any of that worth it. Blargh. (Wasn’t Corinio the 1PW booker too? Lol @ him if true.) (*1/2)

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