AJ Styles vs. Shiima Xion from IWC 2006


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Originally reviewed right here.

AJ got control first, and he worked Shiima over.Chris Maverick interfered to get Shiima the advantage, and Shiima then worked AJ over. Shiima got frustrated when he saw Maverick interfere again. Shiima may have missed the first interference. AJ connected on a couple of strikes and then made a comeback. AJ took out Maverick. They went back and forth. Shiima avoided one Clash and reversed it into a hurricanrana for a nearfall. AJ came back with a Pele and a Styles Clash: 1…2…3

Quite frankly, this was not that good. Shiima did not look ready for this match, and the execution was lackluster at points (especially as they started going back and forth). Shiima has never been my favorite wrestler though, and I’m not sure if their match would be more than good now.
Match Rating: **1/4


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