Bryan Danielson vs. Alex Shelley from Ring of Honor 2006


This was for Bryan’s ROH World Championship.

The whole presentation of this contest is about fifty minutes long. The first fifteen minutes of pre-match promos and match were made up of homophobic and domestic violence jokes. Cool. Cool cool cool.

From there, they went into the typical over-long Bryan defense that relied on the trite Bryan defense story of outlasting his opponents in the most methodical manner possible. Beyond a near-death experience for Shelley, there was nothing really interesting going on here.

Bryan’s defenses way too often fall into the same traps of not maximizing the in-ring time they have to tell compelling and exciting stories. You can make an argument that these defense were useful for the long con story of Bryan’s reign, but they remain a slog to get through way too often.¬†Bryan won via fruit roll-up.¬†(*1/4)


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