AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett from 1PW 2006


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Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles [IPW World Title Qualifier Match]
JJ was the NWA Champion, but this was a non-title affair.

The crowd absolutely hated Jarrett and loved Styles. Jarrett could get nothing going for the longest time. He finally cut him off after dropping AJ on a guardrail. JJ worked him over for a while. AJ eventually reversed a figure four, hit a Pele, and then made a comeback. Jarrett fought back. They traded some nearfalls. Jarrett tried to blindly hit AJ with a chair, but he hit Bryce. AJ pretended that he got hit with the chair and then hit the Styles Clash for a phantom pinfall. Jarrett came back with a diving stroke: 1…2…NO! A second ref got taken out. Tombstone from AJ! SPIRAL TAP: 1…2…3!!!

I’ve never been a fan of Jeff Jarrett, but he’s not incapable of having good matches. They had a great dynamic to work with here, as the crowd responded to absolutely everything that they did. I did not even mind the overbooking.
Match Rating: ***3/4


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