Katsuyori Shibata vs. Satoshi Kojima from BML 2005

This was a fine second main event for BML. It did not feel nearly as fresh or fun as their first main event, but it still featured some crowd-pleasing action in enough of a compact package.

It did also get a lot more intriguing in the second half of the match after Shibata took an Emerald Flowsion on the floor. From there, Shibata seemed to be very clearly done. Kojima did however take him too lightly, and it gave Shibata enough room to fight back. Kojima did end up winning in the end though.

The biggest issue with the match was potentially that the pacing of the match felt all off throughout.  There was just no flow to much of what they did, and they were lucky that the decent action and mini-story in the second half kept things together slightly. (***)


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