KENTA vs. Genichiro Tenryu from NOAH 2005


This was a great battle! They told a compelling story with awesome action and put it all in a compact package. It was pretty much everything in other words.

KENTA was going all out early on and took the fight right to Tenryu. Tenryu seemed to always be a step ahead of him though. The match’s opening stretch led to a sequence where they each tried to punt the other’s head off, and Tenryu obviously got the better of that duel.

From there, Tenryu controlled the match as only he could. He was in complete control and acted like it the whole time. He changed up his offense so that it never got dull. He threw strikes. He threw chairs. He threw tables. He did whatever he wanted. The only thing he couldn’t do was put KENTA away. He was too relaxed, and it gave KENTA an opening.

KENTA made a fiery comeback. This woke up Tenryu and forced him to work with a bit more urgency. This led to an electric finishing sequence that ended with Tenryu winning with a lariat. Fantastic match. Everyone should watch it right now. (****1/2)


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