KENTA vs. SUWA from NOAH 2005

This was for KENTA’s GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship.

This was absolutely fantastic.

SUWA came into this one giving absolutely no fucks about this entire charade called pro wrestling and attempted to make a mockery of it to prove a point. He ruined the pre-match introduction ceremony. He ripped up the bloody parchment. He then got disqualified on purpose early on in the match. He walked out extremely satisfied with the result. It was beautiful.

KENTA was not happy though. He made sure to get the match re-started and chased SUWA down. KENTA then proceeded to be extra angry for the rest of the match. Angry KENTA is the best KENTA. It was beautiful.

The dynamic was established, and these two took full advantage of it. SUWA alternated from kicking KENTA’s ass to trolling NOAH. KENTA would fight back as much as he could. It all wonderfully built to this final sequence where KENTA connected on the GTS, unleashed a series of terrifying kicks to SUWA’s head, and used two Busaiku Knees to finally keep SUWA down. It was beautiful. (****1/2)


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