AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy from IWC 2005


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They did an extended feeling out process with neither man getting the advantage for a while. AJ had control with a side headlock, but Matt reversed it into a back suplex for a nearfall and then got control of the match. AJ came back after a TOPE CON HELLO~! Matt slowed him down after blocking a springboard move. They went back and forth. AJ hit the Twist of Fate for a nearfall. Matt then avoided the Spiral Tap. AJ avoided the Twist of Fate, but Matt then hit the Styles Clash: 1…2…NO! Matt went for a moonsault, but AJ got his knees up. The last two or three minutes rhyme! It’s poetry! AJ had a jackknife pin, but he then transitioned into a Styles Clash: 1…2…NO! Genuinely great nearfall. Matt avoided a Frankensteiner, but then ate a Pele that sent him to the floor. AJ hit a low blow/Twist of Fate combo: 1…2…NO! AJ avoided a second Twist of Fate and then got an Oklahoma Roll: 1…2…3!

Much like the last match, the crowd elevated this quite a bit. The Wrestlemania nearfalls were a bit much, but the crowd dug it. So, who I am to complain too much? I’m sure this match felt like a big deal at the time, and the wrestlers treated it like such.
Match Rating: ***1/2


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