Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin from WWE 2005


June 26, 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally reviewed here.

This was for Carlito’s Intercontinental Championship.

Shelton lost the title to Carlito recently, and he was very focused in the early stages of the match. After several minutes of Shelton dominating, Carlito managed to cut him off and then work him over. Carlito did not do a good job here. Nothing remotely compelling about his heat segment. It was thankfully short though, and Shelton made his comeback after hitting a Samoan Drop. Carlito undid a turnbuckle pad, and Shelton crashed into it head-first after a failed Stinger Splash. Carlito pinned him: 1…2…3

Carlito looked terrible here, as he displayed no charisma while on offense whatsoever. Shelton was fine in the opening stages of the match, but he didn’t show any fire when it mattered. Between the lackluster performances and the unsatisfying ending, this was a poor way to start the show.

Match Rating: **


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