Batista vs. Triple H from WWE 2005


June 26, 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally reviewed here.

This was a hell in a cell match for Big Dave’s World Heavyweight Championship.

I have never seen this match. Not sure what to expect.

After a couple of minutes of Batista offense, HHH got control and used a chain on Batista. Batista came back with some chain shots of his own. HHH got busted open but then hit a spinebuster. HHH then started using a barbed wire chair on Batista. Batista came back with a lariat and then used the chair on HHH. HHH tried to hit a pedigree on the chair, but Batista reversed it into a powerslam onto the chair. HHH hit a DDT on the chair. Batista was busted open after that. HHH managed to hit Batista in the face with the sledgehammer for a nearfall. Batista hit a desperation low blow, but HHH then punched him in the face with the chain. Batista then blocked another chain shot with the sledgehammer, which caused HHH to spit out blood. Lol. In what seems like a misstep, they went back to the floor. Batista hit HHH with the steps and then put the steps in the ring. HHH came back with a low blow and a pedigree: 1…2…NO! HHH went to pedigree him on the steps, but Batista reversed it into a spinebuster onto the steps. In a GREAT spot, Batista went for the Big Dave Bomb but HHH looked like he was going to hit him with the sledgehammer on the way up. HHH couldn’t swing it though, and Dave followed through: 1…2…3

This was a great main event and fine way to blow off the Batista/Triple H feud. It was appropriately violent and epic in structure. It made Batista look like a character who was equal to HHH (which is no easy feat given how HHH was booked for so long).

It’s surprisingly refreshing to see a WWE match willing to use blood to get violence over. I understand the risks of blood use in wrestling, and I can certainly appreciate how archaic it looks. While I’m in no way advocating for it to be used regularly, I do think there’s an appropriate way to use it. This was one such case.

Match Rating: ****


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