Super Crazy vs. Little Guido vs. Tajiri from WWE 2005

Originally reviewed here.

ECW One Night Stand
June 12, 2005

Super Crazy vs. Little Guido (w/ Tracy Smothers, Big Guido, JT Smith, & Tony Mamaluke) vs. Tajiri (w/ Mikey Whipwreck & The Sinister Minister)
The action was fast and furious. The action spilled into the crowd. Crazy hit a moonsault onto everyone from the balcony. He executed it like it was nothing. The FBI interfered. Tajiri sprayed Guido with the mist. Smothers ate a kick from Tajiri. Whippersnapper to Guido from Whipwreck: 1…2…3!

Crazy and Tajiri then squared off for the match. Crazy went for the trio of moonsaults, but Whipwreck blocked the third one. Crazy avoided the buzzsaw kick and then hit the top-ripe moonsault: 1…2…3!

Such a fun sprint. They made every moment count, and it was the perfect combination of great action and nostalgia.
Match Rating: ***1/2


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