Kenta Kobashi & Go Shiozaki vs. Genichiro Tenryu & Jun Akiyama from NOAH 2005


While this match technically contained four men, it was really just about two of them: Kobashi and Tenryu. These two were just unreal here and turned what easily could have been an average tag battle into something special.

Tenryu was trying to be Tenryu early on, but Kobashi was having none of that. He plowed through Tenryu’s bullshit and overwhelmed him with chops time and time again. Even when these guys weren’t in the match, they were trying to find ways to go at it, and it was electric pretty much every time.

While this match was essentially Kobashi vs. Tenryu disguised as a tag match, they did an effective job of utilizing Shiozaki and his young boy status. He was obviously Kobashi’s undoing, but he showed great fire here and genuinely contributed to the match.

Tenryu getting to one-up Kobashi by pinning his young boy cleanly was an incredibly satisfying finish as well. He then proceeded to dis Kobashi after the match and told him to fuck off. Wunderbar. Tenryu is the GOAT. (****1/4)


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