The Second City Saints (CM Punk & Ace Steel) vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries & Roderick Strong) from Ring of Honor 2004

Weekend of Thunder
Elizabeth, New Jersey
November 6, 2004

This was a No Disqualification match.

Originally reviewed here.

It was a wild brawl. Jack Evans showed up with a ladder to help Gen Next, but Punk took him (and the ladder) out with a pescado. Jack Evans recovered though, and Gen Next eventually got control of the match anyway after playing the numbers game. They went after Punk’s right leg, which Aries injured the night before in their singles match. This match just did not have the energy needed for the type of match it was. Punk and Steel were starting to build some momentum. Just as I typed that, Punk was placed on a table on the floor. Evans climbed a ladder in the ring and did a 450 from the ladder onto Punk. The table did not break. Aries went to elbow drop Punk through the table, but Punk avoided it. Jack and Roddy went to give Punk a Doomsday, but Punk reversed it into a powerslam on Evans on the ladder. Aries recovered and missed a 450. Ace put Evans through a table. Roddy was given an implant DDT on a chair and then a sloppy Pepsi Plunge onto a bridged ladder: 1…2…3.

The effort was there, but this was a very clunky match with little in the way of a natural rhythm that *most* wrestling matches benefit from.

Match Rating: **1/4

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