Samoa Joe vs. Homicide from Ring of Honor 2004

This was for Joe’s ROH World Championship.

This match had a lot of pressure on it just for how much was sacrificed on the path to this apparent conclusion. In just Joe’s last three matches, there was a useless defense against Homicide, a phoned-in effort with Stryker, and then an odd non-title match with Reyes. All three matches played a part in building to this defenseĀ in order to make it more meaningful.

With that in mind, this battle really was not what it needed to be.

Instead of this being a ridiculously heated and wild brawl, this match turned into a Homicide beatdown of Joe. The storyline of Joe being weakened by all these defenses was logical of course, but it’s not the right direction if the endgame becomes Joe working underneath against guys whose asses he should be kicking.

This particular match was fine in the end. It was however not worth the journey it took to get here and continued the worrying ideas that started plaguing Joe’s defenses at this time. (***)


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