Samoa Joe vs. Homicide from Ring of Honor 2004

This was for Joe’s ROH World Championship.

This was such a weird match for these two. They seemed to be purposely not working that hard or being all that intense. It was very unlike them to work with such a house show demeanor, and there did not appear to be any good reason for it unless they just decided that a shit finish allowed them to take the night off.

Anyway, they did an angle where it seemed like Homicide may have won via fruit roll-up, but the referee insisted he did not count to three. The bell rang and everything so Homicide flipped out and attacked the referee. Homicide threw a fireball at Joe and then attacked the remaining refs who showed up.

This led to a massive brawl from the entire locker room in the ringside area. At one point, Ricky Steamboat kicked the asses of CM Punk and Colt Cabana by himself for some reason. The whole dealio was at least a cool visual to end a shit match. (*1/2)


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