Terry Funk vs. Jerry Lawler from MLW 2003

Originally reviewed here.

August 22, 2003
St. Petersburg, Florida

Jerry Lawler vs. Terry Funk [Bounty Match]

Lawler was the Extreme Horsemen’s “Bounty Hunter.” He still got a great pop coming out though. This was a major feud in the 80s. I’ve yet to see any of it yet sadly.

After cutting a promo to get the fans to stop cheering him, Lawler immediately got control of the match. Lawler hit a piledriver on the floor and then another on a chair in the ring. He followed it up with the diving fist drop. Apparently the Extreme Horseman had injured Funk’s neck recently when they hanged him! Funk made a comeback after throwing Lawler into a chair. He hit a piledriver on the floor of his own. And again. The ref got Funk to return to the ring while Simon Diamond handed something to Lawler. Lawler then hit him with barbed wire. Lawler got control again by going after Funk’s face with the wire. Funk fought back and there was a terrible cut. All of a sudden, we were back in the ring with Funk firmly in control. Lawler got a pin with his feet on the ropes out of nowhere to pick up the win.

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond attacked Funk after the match. The Horsemen didn’t pay up to Lawler because Lawler only beat him. They claimed Lawler didn’t hurt him enough. This caused Lawler to turn on them. He gave them both a stunner. The mysterious masked men showed up again to make the save. Joey Styles claimed it was obviously Steve Corino. After some bickering, Lawler and Funk eventually settled to work together to beat up the Horsemen. A second masked man showed up. Dr. Death and The Sandman made the save. Lawler and Funk went back to fighting each other. “You piece of shit. I don’t want you helping me.” Terry Funk is a great man. “I’ll never forget my eye.” Sandman tried to get them to drink and make up. The Horsemen then challenged them to a War Games. Lawler says he hates Funk, but he’s willing to tag with Funk for that match. Funk eventually agreed as well. Lawler capped off the night throwing a full beer can at the heels. You watch that War Games match here.

The terrible cut in the action makes this nearly impossible to rate. The performances were obviously strong overall. Lawler and Funk did not move around too well here, but they compensated that with some passion and intense brawling. The post-match stuff between Lawler and Funk was the most interesting part of all this. Funk especially shined there, as it was completely believable that he would harbor such strong feelings of hatred of Funk while still agreeing to team with him when it was all said and done.


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