Jimmy Yang vs. Sonjay Dutt from MLW 2003

Originally reviewed here.

August 22, 2003
St. Petersburg, Florida

Jimmy Yang vs. Sonjay Dutt

Dutt got the first advantage after hitting a couple of ridiculously athletic movez. Yang came back after connecting on a big kick. Dutt managed to come back after applying an Octopus Stretch. Yang reversed it into a backbreaker though and went back to working over Dutt. Dutt made yet another comeback. He could not put Wang away. Wang even kicked out of the Dragonrana. Wang then immediately came back and finished him with the corkscrew moonsault.

This was a poorly-executed version of a WCW cruiiserweight match. It was disjointed to a distracting degree, as the match had no ebb or flow. Some of the movez were  genuinely spectacular, but that alone does not make for a great match.

Match Rating: **1/2

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