CM Punk & Michael Shane vs. Norman Smiley & Raven from MLW 2003


Norman Smiley running around and sexually assaulting Francine while Joey Styles encourages him on commentary (while lalso making rape jokes in regards to Kobe Bryant) is not really my idea of a fun time. Joey Styles then doing the catfight gimmick while Francine and GI Hoe go at it made the whole thing even more fun obviously.

Anyway, there was a match that supposedly happened here. Punk pinned Raven after a powder shot and then the DDT. (DUD)

After the match, Raven, Norman, and GI Hoe put on a show for the crowd where GI Hoe would take off her shirt (she still had a bra on). This was obviously super cringe-y and objectifying. It was at least happily consensual though which is somehow a step above what happened during the match.

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