CM Punk vs. Raven from Ring of Honor 2003


This was a dog collar match.

Before the match started, Punk cut another great promo on Raven and the crowd. He also called out Danny Doring who was in the crowd for some reason.

These two had yet another fantastic brawl. Raven was destroying Punk for a while. Punk was able to start fighting back after he sent Raven through a table. They actually managed to pull off a fantastic crowd brawl with the highlight being Punk using the chain to pull Raven off the top row of some bleachers.

They made their way back to the ring. Raven was on the path to victory, but Colt Cabana popped up to given him the Raven Effect. Danny Doring chased him off, but Punk crawled on top of Raven to pick up the victory. This was one of the greatest matches in ROH history, but the post-match was even more electric.

Punk tied Raven up in the ropes and poured beer on his face. He told Raven it was time for a relapse. That’s when Tommy Dreamer showed up and whacked Punk in the head with a chair. Punk then got tied up, and Raven poured beer on his face.  (****1/2)






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