Samoa Joe vs. Homicide from Ring of Honor 2003


This was for Joe’s ROH World Championship.

This was VERY good and threatened to become great at several moments. Joe ran through  Homicide early on. Homicide had to go BIG to give himself a fighting chance. Joe endured that and got the advantage once again.

Low Ki popped up to give Homicide a pep talk. That fired Homicide up, and the challenger seemed to be on his way to victory.

Homicide at one point though got momentarily distracted by Ki and Julius Smokes going at it at ringside. That moment gave Joe the opening he needed to destroy Homicide with an avalanche muscle buster.

They lost a little momentum in the second half and the distraction based finish seemed unnecessary. Otherwise, this would have been great easily. (***3/4)

(It’s also worth noting that this match clearly was about building to a Joe/Ki rematch which would never happen in ROH.)


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