Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn from WWF 2001

Originally reviewed here.

WWF Sunday Night Heat
August 5, 2001

Rob Van Dam© vs. Jerry Lynn [WWF Hardcore Championship]
I’m genuinely surprised they didn’t put one of the matches from their ECW feud on the set.

Lynn had the advantage early on. The action spilled into the crowd. Lynn hit RVD with a chair, but RVD came right back. They did the Eddy/Dean pinfall trading sequence. Lynn hit a very high-angle German for a nearfall. RVD got fed up and kicked Lynn in the balls. Split-legged moonsault onto a chair. Lynn actually apparently reversed that by pushing the chair slightly up when RVD connected. RVD sent Lynn onto a chair and then hit the five-star: 1…2…3

I enjoyed this quite a bit. It was basically just a more condensed version of their ECW matches, and I don’t think the time-crunch really hurt them at all. Some could easily argue that it forced them to tighten up everything and not waste so much time.
Match Rating: ***


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