Raven vs. The Big Show from WWF 2001

February 25, 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally reviewed here.

This was for Raven’s Hardcore Championship.

Raven’s female accomplice attacked Show before the match. It was a WWF Hardcore plunder brawl. Some guy in a blonde wig attacked Raven during the match to try to steal the title. That failed. Show hit Raven with THE FINAL CUT. Steve Blackman and Hardcore Holly showed up. The wigged man was revealed to be Crash Holly. Billy Gunn showed up and gave Raven the FameAsser: 1…2…3. New champ.


Molly Holly attacked her. Show then pinned Raven after a chokeslam on a garbage can.

I have a fondness for the Hardcore title days because I enjoy WrestleCrap. This did not age well though. Even as WrestleCrap goes, this was fairly uninspired.

Match Rating: *


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