Jerry Lawler vs. Steven Richards from WWF 2001

February 25, 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada

Originally reviewed here.

The Stipulation: Kat May Get Naked Or Must Become Property Of RTC Match

So, Lawler was fighting for his wife’s right to get naked on TV? The Attitude Era was terrible in so many ways.

Ivory got involved at one point, and that distraction allowed Richards to cut The King off. Richards went to use a chair, but Lawler hit a low blow and a pair of DDTs. There was a clusterfuck finish with Ivory and Kat. Kat accidentally hit Lawler with Ivory’s title: 1…2…3

The rest of the Right to Censor came down to the ringside area and forced Kat into servitude.

There are moments where I am very thankful that I was but a wee lad during the Attitude Era. Terrible time to be alive at times.

Match Rating: DUD

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