The Rock vs. Chris Benoit from WWF 2000

July 23, 2000
Dallas, Texas

Originally reviewed here.

This was for Rock’s WWF Championship.

Rock started the match by kicking Benoit’s ass AND chasing Shane around the ring. He was very over for doing so. Benoit finally managed to cut Rock off and then worked him over. Benoit hit Rock with the belt for a nearfall. It looked like Rock was coming back a few times, but Benoit just kept cutting him right off. Rock finally fought back long enough to hit the spinebuster. People’s Elbow. Shane jumped up on the apron. That gave Benoit a chance to recover, and he hit a superplex. Benoit just could not put Rock away though and eventually brought out a chair. Shane hit the ref with the chair. Rock cleared out Shane and applied the crossface on Benoit. Benoit tapped out.

Wait, a second…the referee said that Benoit won by disqualification and was the new WWF Champ! Mick Foley came out and reversed the decision. He ordered that the match be restarted. Rock and Benoit went at it. Benoit actually got control and applied the crossface. Rock survived and hit a Rock Bottom: 1…2…3

This was a very odd match. I’m not sure if I’m a fan of Benoit working as a traditional heel. He can be ruthless, unforgiving heel. A viscous heel.  This was more him trying to be a WWF main event heel though, and I wasn’t really digging it. Unfortunately, that was the majority of the match.  If Benoit was going to be moved up to the main, he should have been doing “what brought him to the dance” so to speak. There were some hot moments down the stretch at least, and the Foley stuff towards the end definitely worked for the crowd. It was a fine main event overall, but nowhere near as good as I remembered.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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