Lita & The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy) vs. T&A (Albert & Test) & Trish Stratus from WWF 2000

July 23, 2000
Dallas, Texas

Originally reviewed here.

The Hardys had a lot of success early on. Jeff *finally* got cut off after Albert just gorilla pressed him to the floor. Jeff eventually tagged out to Matt. That was a red herring though, and Lita later tagged in to hit some big highspots. Test and Albert had to doubleteam her to cut her off. Lita and Trish went at it. Lita hit a superplex and later finished her with the moonsault.

T&A attacked the faces after the match. Trish ended up whipping Lita with a belt.

This was a very nice opener. There was some clunkiness in the transition from Jeff being worked over to Lita doing the comeback, but that is a minor issue in the grand scheme of the match.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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