The Rock vs. Triple H from WWF 2000

April 30, 2000
Washington, DC

Originally reviewed here.

Vince informed the crowd that Austin would not be there tonight. Chekhov’s Stone Cold Steve Austin.

After their controversial (and widely considered lame) main event at Wrestlemania, they came right back at Backlash with the match that should have main evented Wrestlemania. They slugged it out early on. Rock avoided a pedigree attempt. They went back and forth until HHH locked in the sleeper. HHH putting his trademark heat segment on display, and that he’s now making every NXT heel copy. Rock escaped and came back until Vince hit him with the belt. Rock recovered, and they went back and forth more. Rock hit a big DDT, but Shane refused to count. Rock punched Shane to the floor. Shane always took giant bumps. HHH started to really sell his left arm. HHH went for the pedigree on the Spanish announce table, but Rock avoided it and managed to Rock Bottom HHH and Shane at the same time through the table. Vince attacked the Rock, and HHH gave Rock a pedigree. Pat Paterson and Gerald Brisco ran down in referee shirts. I LOVE THE STOOGES SO MUCH. Rock was completely outnumbered when Steve Austin ran down for the save. Chair shots for everyone!!!!! Linda McMahon and Earl Hebner came down. Linda shoved Stephanie. Rock gave HHH a spinebuster and a People’s Elbow: 1…2…3!

Rock and Austin had a beer after the match.

WWF was so goddamn hot in 2000, as the crowd went nuts for all the big storyline stuff involving the interference and whatnot. The atmosphere made this a fantastic time. Rock and HHH had great chemistry in 2000. The substance of the actual in-ring aspects were fine (HHH is just terrible at heat segments), but the overbooking at the end pushed this into ‘great’ territory.

Match Rating: ****


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