T&A (Albert & Test) vs. The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) from WWF 2000

Media preview

April 30, 2000
Washington, DC

Originally reviewed here.

Apparently there was an incredibly weird storyline where Bubba was obsessed with putting women through tables. Was he at least a heel??? It wouldn’t make it any better, but at least there would be SOME logic to it. Trish was playing mind games by pretending to be obsessed with him and tables. What a time to be alive. The following image actually happened in the video package for this match. Mind-blowing.

Media preview

Albert was cut off and worked over. Test tagged back in. D-Von then got worked over. This went on for waaaaaaay too long. Bubba made the hot tag. Reverse 3D on Test: 1…2…NO! 3D seemed to have the match won, but Trish took off her robe to distract Bubba. That was successful. Test booted Bubba in the face: 1…2…3

Bubba caught up to Trish and demanded a table. He powerbombed her to a huge reaction. Awful awful awful.

This was cold tag match that went way too long, and it was all to set up an angle for Bubba to metaphorically jerk off by putting Trish through a table. This was everything awful about professional wrestling.

Match Rating: DUD


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