Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho from WWF 2000

April 30, 2000
Washington, DC

Originally reviewed here.

This was for Benoit’s Intercontinental Championship.

They established a physical tone early on. Benoit came up empty on a tope attempt. Benoit got control after kicking the steel steps into Jericho. After a while, Jericho caught Benoit with a forearm and then hit a desperation Lionsault. Jericho’s comeback would start a few minutes later after a bulldog. Jericho connected on many movez, but Benoit made him earn it. Benoit survived just enough to catch Jericho with the Crossface. Jericho eventually escaped that and applied the Liontamer. Ref bump. Benoit hit Jericho with the belt: 1…2…NO! Benoit then suplexed him on the belt. He went for the headbutt, but Jericho moved. Benoit crashed onto the belt, and the referee disqualified Jericho.

“Well, that decision sucks.” Jim Ross shooting on the booking. Replayed show that Jericho purposely hit Benoit with the belt during the headbutt.

A television finish on PPV is always frustrating. Other than that though, this was very, very good. They established a physical tone very early on and stayed consistent throughout. Jericho’s comeback was not easy. He had to earn almost every single move, and Benoit kept dishing it out after losing the advantage. As a semi-main event, this worked very well (beyond the booking).

Match Rating: ***3/4


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