Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka vs. Taz from ECW 1999

This was an elimination match for Taz’s ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

Mike Awesome was originally not scheduled to be a part of this match. Taz saw him in the crowd and demanded that he be a part of the match.

Taz was also on his way out of ECW, and everyone seemed to know it. In a fun twist, Taz ended up getting eliminated after only a couple of minutes. ECW was good at that kind of stuff.

From there, Tanaka and Awesome went on to have their match. This one was a lot more chairshot-to-the-head heavy than a lot of their previous matches. That element obviously does not age well.

The chairshots actually don’t add much to their match either, because no-selling unprotected chairshots was not really the same thing as throwing bombs at each other and fighting on. It’s a subtle but distinct enough tonal shift to take away from what they normally do. Oh well. This was still quite fun. (***)


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